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How to make Lego Block Cakes
By jacQ
3/19/2012 7:27:00 AM

We have many reasons to celebrate lego these days
The main one is The opening of the Lego Discovery Center here is Atlanta Georgia.
We were so excited to get to go to a  preview day before the official opening. My son
had a great time. In fact last month we had the fortune of going to LegoLand
Florida- AMAZING!!!! Seriously I was just as happy as he was.

So whats a party without a cake? And what kind of cake should we make to celebrate?
Well I have to say I am cheating a little because in October my son told me he wanted to
have a lego party!  How excited was I? Not only do I get to make jewelry with lego now
I can bake with them too!
I started researching and practicing all things sugar and lego for about a month.
My husband kept threatning to call a proffesional cake maker,
But I was having a great time,  It was fun and well worth it : ). I conitue to make them for trunk shows and special events at galleries.  They make great gifts too!

So I would love to share how I made these individual lego block cakes.
I really wanted a crisp perfect replica of a lego and these molds are (in my opinion)
the only way to get the best results

First you will need these Jelly molds they are hard to find so get them while you can- amazon has them now

I like to use all natural products and no dye so I found this lovely company in California Sweet Earth Chocolates Their beans come from either the Dominican Republic, Peru or Costa Rica, the only countries in the world where there are farmers' cooperatives that are certified organic and Fair Trade These guys are serious about their chocolaterieing, They walked me through how to temper
and the use of coco butter and explained I needed to use dye that is oil based. So I found this great company Confection Crafts in Portland, Oregon. They have oil/powder dye made from natural vegtable color especially to color chocolate.  I have been using this company for over 6 years they are wonderful. (update I have later figured out you do not have to use coco butter to temper.  You can use coconut oil)

I melted the chocolate the old fashion way over the stove with a bowl that sat around the edges of a  pot filled with water 1/3 of the way. I followed the directions of tempering, once everthing was melted I turned off the heat and poured some of the white chocolate into 2 seperate bowls to mix color into. I only did 2 colors at a time because I wasnt sure how long I had before the chocolate hardened. Let me warn you -if you dont already know, when using natural dyes the colors are not as bright as your use to,which is a bummer when making Lego because their colors are so bright. The pink, yellow, and grey and of course white and brown are true to color so I was ok with it. Trust me its not worth it- giving children artifical dye just so your cake will look good...but thats for another posting in another blog!!

So now you have all your colored chocolate, using a food paint brush (found at Michaels Craft in the baking section) about a 1/2 inch wide dip into chocolate and paint a thin layer inside the mold ** I only painted the 2 lego oppostie of each other at ends*** each time because they are tricky to get out so you might just break the one next to the one your trying to get out.  This is where it gets time consuming but it was worth it. After you paint a layer inside of two put in freezer for 15 min. repeat this process 4 times, painting over the already harded chocolate so you create a thick shell. Peel out carefully and slowly. The end result is a hollow lego. They kept welll in the fridge in a sealed container so I was able to make ahead and do this a batch at a time. Then closer to the party date I made cake and icing and cut up the cake and put inside and sealed it with icing

Of course you can make these using the already made chocolate melts for melting-
You can try your own techniques and please let me know how it goes

Have fun and enjoy!
Be a fan of mine on facebook and let me know if this is something you will try to make
I will help you anyway I can

Stay tuned for other fun lego recipes- next time- a construction site lego cupcake cake

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