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Forever Young
You decided you were done with logo tees.
And that you would never wear acid washed jeans. Ever. Again.
But you remember playing outside until dark.
And waiting for the ice cream man to turn down your block.
And how much you couldn't wait to be grown up.
It truly is the life in your years.
Live them.
Forever Young.
The Forever Young line is JacQueline's signature collection. With more than 20 playful
yet elegant, thoroughly original pieces fashioned from LEGO Bricks in a gelato shop of hues,
this line is the recipient of an achievement award from the American Craft Council.

Some things take longer than we would like:
Red lights when we are already late.
Appetizers when we are famished.
Sleep when we have an early night.
But imagine being a samurai in 1650 Japan, and getting your sword ready for battle.
Warriors carried swords fashioned from a craft called “Mokume-gane,” a painstakingly
slow process that inlaid a wood grain onto metal. Each sword was layered with a dozen
layers of alternating color metals and fused in a kiln. Once the metals bonded in a single
layer, the surface was repeatedly hammered until a subtle pattern came into view.
JacQueline has adapted this ancient technique for her stunningly crafted Mokume-Gane
line of rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Some things are worth the wait.

Photo Etched
Like a tough cookie from a 1940s ?lm noir, what gives the Photo Etched collection from
JacQueline Sanchez its allure is a balance of rough and smooth aspects. This collection
of distinctive jewelry is handcrafted by transferring original designs from paper to sheets
of brass, then submerging the sheets in an acid bath. The acid bath erodes the areas of
exposed brass, leaving a raised plate in its place. The surface is then imprinted with
gold or silver using a rolling mill technique. The contrasting surfaces on the ?nished
pendants, rings, and earrings represent beauty that should never be underestimated.
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