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Custom Work

Whether it's marrying your true love at 70,
Turning 30 and moving to Shanghai,

Or welcoming your first child into the world at 40,
We remember those days that changed everything.
Honor them with wearable art that, like the day itself, was made just for you.

Whether its a sketch you've created or a design element you admire, it can be fabricated into a piece of jewelry. JacQueline's custom clients rely on her artistic eye, craftsmanship and overall customer service and timeliness.


"I just want to tell you again how incredibly happy we are with our rings...I have gotten a gazillion - or a brazillian - compliments on mine. K and I couldn't be happier that we found you and about how well everything worked out. "
~ Megan and Kevin, Florida

"I asked my girlfriend Manal in marriage, and she said yes! We're very happy and planning our wedding. You are part of the success, dear, and again I thank you for it."
~ Oudad, Lebanon

"The bracelet was absolutely wonderful! It was perfect, she loved it. By the way, the packaging is really sort of impressive, in and of itself. (those boxes that you use that slide in and out)" 
~ Richard, Chicago

"Your ring was the highlight among all birthday gifts. She really loves it very much. And all the guests of our birthday party were admiring your work and your idea."
~ Martin, Germany

"I wholeheartedly echo Patrick's enthusiasm about having you design our rings. When Patrick told me about your work, and showed me your website, I immediately responded to the originality and craftsmanship that is so obviously apparent in each design. I am so excited about these rings, they will be totally unique and hold very special meaning for me and Patrick, and having you be a part of this just adds to the emotional value! I really enjoyed meeting both you and your husband." 
~ Matthew and Patrick, Georgia

JacQueline Sanchez designs custom pieces upon request. Please contact us for more information.



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