Round Lego Bracelet
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FY9N Color Choices

Large Oval Negative Space Link Bracelet

Product #FY9N


Truly stylish women know the power of the bracelet and have several great ones in their
accessories arsenal. Bracelets are the stealth accessory that pull an out?  Together and
make everyone ask, “Who is that?” when you stroll the gallery or sidle up to the
espresso bar. We think ours are pretty special. Choose from links or cuffs, or get one of

Fabricated sterling silver with brushed finish and sandblasted plastic
18mm round, 4mm height

Length is 7 1/2 inches
Contact us if you need a custom size

marshmallow  fog  sesame  seafoam  lemon  snowcone  pumpkin  cotton candy  grape  cherry  raspberry  licorice 

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